The holidays are a special time of year. It’s a time of year when life slow down, yielding time for reflection and time for planning for the New Year. Many people and many businesses celebrate the season with custom metal fabrication signs. Fort Miller FAB3 can make any sign you desire, from a Christmas tree decked out with garland and ornaments to a snowman with a top hat and Rudolph with his red nose. Show your joy this season with a custom metal fabrication sign by Fort Miller FAB3. Contact us today!


  • A popular family activity in between Thanksgiving and Christmas and into the New Year is to take a drive at night and look at everyone’s holiday decorations. You’ll see people’s and business’ creativity shine as an old car comes to life, driven by Santa, or reindeer graze placidly on the lawn. You remember the scenes and the signs that stand out. Having a custom metal fabrication sign will distinguish your business and make it memorable, so the next time the person driving by needs your particular service, he or she will think of you. It’s good business practice, and it spreads goodwill to boot.
  • Uniqueness. Custom signage in general makes you stand out; however, custom metal fabrication signage for the holidays is an opportunity to express your beliefs and values as well. Many companies say they are in business to help people, but many customers don’t necessarily see this. Custom signage for example of giving presents, singing carols, or helping the elderly will go a long way with customers without saying a word.
  • Branding. Custom metal fabrication signage can help with branding, especially if your sign is large and unique. Custom metal fabrication signage for the holidays is an opportunity to combine your brand with a holiday favorite such as turkeys, stars, stocking, Christmas trees, and Santa.
  • Tell a story. The holidays afford us a unique opportunity to express the human heart. Using multiple custom metal fabrication signs to tell the story of the Three Wise Men or Scrooge can be powerful for both memory and your business. Plus, it can impact people at their core, reminding them what the holidays are truly about — each other. Research shows we remember things better when we associate meaning with the image.

As the best steel fabrication shop in New York, Fort Miller FAB3 believes in the power of custom metal fabrication signs for the holidays to bring our hearts back to others. We also believe in the power of custom metal fabrication to meet all of your business needs. Innovation begins with an idea; Fort Miller FAB3 brings that idea alive. For laser cutting, plasma cutting, robotic welding, CNC machining, bending, sandblasting, and painting, Fort Miller FAB3 in Schuylerville, NY, has got you covered. Contact us today!