In our last blog post, we discussed how to maintain quality control standards so you can keep growing as a custom metal fabrication shop. One way to maintain quality control standards is to be as efficient as possible during your metal works jobs. In other words, you need to optimize your custom metal fabrication operations.

Fort Miller FAB3 of Schuylerville is a top-notch, high-quality custom metal fabrication shop. We offer a wide variety of services in order to serve all of your metal works needs. Our metal services include plasma cutting, laser cutting, sandblasting operations, custom CNC machining, bending, robotic welding, and metal painting services. In this blog post, the first in a series, we’ll offer up tips and tricks for you to maximize your metal fabrication operations. Contact us today!


  • Think lean and mean. Improving manufacturing efficiencies, design times, and anticipating material needs as well as minimizing waste are integral to optimizing your custom metal fabrication operations. Enhance the customer’s idea of value, create efficient flow by assigning the right employees to the right tasks, and create a feedback loop where you constantly have one ear to the ground about innovations in the metal works industries.
  • Take a hard look at your workflow. Often times, work flow is the place where processes fall through the cracks simply because workflow is easily interrupted. Spend some time and invest in value stream mapping, which represents the flow of materials from supplier to customer through your organization as well as the flow of information (including the processes, people, and technology, as well as the communication, procedures, and resources). What you will learn by doing this exercise can be eye-opening. You will be able to see where delays occur in your custom metal fabrication processes, if you have excess inventory lying around, and if there are any restraints in your processes. Think of every step in the manufacturing process from start to finish, see where you’re losing time, what doesn’t make sense, and change them.
  • Set realistic goals for employees. People are different and some can deal with pressure, while others can’t. As a company, you need to walk the fine line between having reasonable expectations of your employees in a realistic timeframe. Pushing your employees to achieve too much can lead to discontentment. Set clearly defined goals that is communicated in multiple ways to avoid misunderstandings.

For all businesses to survive, you need to maximize processes, reduce waste, stimulate creativity and morale in your employees, organize your workflow, and simplify your fabrication processes. Fort Miller FAB3 believes in establishing processes to constantly improve our operations. We invest in our employees to grow their skills and encourage their ideas and innovations. Moreover, we listen to our customers who are a valuable source of information as they bring a whole different perspective to the table.

When looking for the best custom metal fabrication shop near Greenwich, give Fort Miller FAB3 a call. We’ll create an estimate for you and get started on your next metal works project. Contact us today!