At our Greenwich metal fab shop, metal fabrication is our passion. It’s our craft, our art, and our trade. In these blog posts, we share with you information regarding metal fabrication and all of its varied applications. Some of our topics include How To Reduce the Cost of Metal Fabrication, The Difference Between Welding and Metal Fabrication, and Interesting Facts About Metal Fabrication. After browsing through these posts, we hope that you gain a firm understanding of metal fabrication as well as what to expect when you partner with a metal fab shop.

  1. How to Stay Safe in a Metal Shop

    When you operate any kind of manufacturing company or engage in any kind of manufacturing work, safety is of paramount importance. Here at Fort Miller FAB3 near Greenwich, NY, we put safety above all …Read More

  2. What Is Metal Fabrication?

    “What is metal fabrication?” This isn’t a question that gets asked a lot around Fort Miller FAB3. At our Greenwich metal fab shop, metal fabrication is our lifeblood. It’s our craft, our art, …Read More

  3. Choosing the Right Metal Fabrication Shop

    Long ago, if you were in need of metal fabrication or welding, you likely had one place to choose from. Nowadays, however, most cities have a number of local metal fabrication shops, which means you n…Read More