As Greenwich’s go-to turnkey metal fabrication shop, we have helped clients all over New York manufacture a wide variety of projects. In these blog posts, we highlight some of the products we have made in recent years. These articles include information on steel staircases, precast concrete forms, slot and tab prototyping, aluminum amphitheaters, vault trailers, and other projects involving robotic welding and other CNC machining techniques.

  1. Steel Staircases

    As 2016 is coming to a close, we here at FM FAB3 have had the opportunity to begin fabricating custom steel staircases for some of our customers.  In the coming year, we will be looking at more oppor…Read More

  2. Precast Concrete Forms

    This summer we have been working closely with our sister company, The Fort Miller Company, to develop a series of complicated Precast Concrete Forms.  With the experience and knowledge of The Fort Mi…Read More

  3. Aluminum Amphitheater Fabrication

    Over the course of the past month, we have been working closely with one of our customers that is involved in the theater and entertainment industries, to fabricate an Aluminum Amphitheater for a perf…Read More

  4. Slot and Tab Prototyping

    At Fort Miller FAB3, we work with both businesses and individuals to bring their concepts to reality. Our Engineering Department just completed a project where a homeowner wanted to develop a cultivat…Read More

  5. Access Assemblies

    We have been working with one of our local customers to provide an efficient and safe Access Assembly, which can be used in a variety of applications.  The pictures below highlight some of our differ…Read More

  6. Robotic Welding Opportunities

    Here at FM FAB3 we are constantly working with our partners to come up with ways to become more efficient, reduce costs and streamline the manufacturing process.  With repetitive piecework and assemb…Read More