CNC/Manual Machine Work

Fort Miller FAB3 is the go-to CNC machine shop for the Saratoga Springs area, providing both cutting-edge CNC machining and standard manual machining. Our CNC milling has industry-leading capabilities to produce products for countless applications. We have a vast inventory of standard and customized tooling that allows us to machine and mill a wide variety of materials including, but not limited to, aluminum, brass, steel alloys, and even plastic/composites. Additionally, we are set up to handle your needs from a single custom job to a high volume production run. Our engineering team and skilled operators work together to deliver the consistent quality parts for your specific needs.

Our CNC machine shop can recreate obsolete and hard to find items with accuracy and precision. With our process of 3D modeling and 2D drafting, you are able to view and approve your parts in a virtual state prior to physical production.  

CNC Machine Manufacturer/Model

Haas VF5-40

Size Restrictions

No minimum size requirements. Capable of machining parts:

  • 48” max length
  • 24” max width
  • 23” max height


  • Holds two-tenths of a thousandth inch tolerance (0.0002 inches)


  • 20 HP Motor for machining the toughest material
  • 10,000 RPM limit for the smoothest surface finish
  • 2 Speed gearbox for cutting both soft & hardened materials

Tool Capacity

  • Holds 20 tools for multiple operations and reduced set-up time
  • Holds up to 6” cutters allowing for bulk material removal


  • World class 3D programming software capable of handling the most challenging machining designs
  • Software allows for the development of 3D molds

Additional Features

  • Wireless probing for more accurate parts
  • Programmable coolant movement to improve surface finish
  • Rigid tapping
  • Early power failure detection to ensure machine and product safety
  • Engraving capabilities

CNC milling allows for a level of consistency and precision that would be difficult—if not impossible—to achieve using manual methods. For more information on our CNC machining capabilities, contact us today!