Sandblasting Pic

Metal Preparation

Fort Miller FAB3 is a turnkey industrial metal shop capable of performing every stage of metal working. One of the final stages of any project is painting. Sandblasting a product before painting creates a lasting product.

At Fort Miller FAB3 we offer the ability to enhance surfaces to facilitate the restoration process, by removing surface impurities and preparing materials for paint. Our dedicated blasting building can accommodate both vehicles and small parts and anything in between. With doors on either end of the building and an 18-foot tall ceiling, we have the ability to drive in vehicles for confined, dedicated preparation. Our equipment has the capacity to handle a variety of blasting media which allows us to service a wide range of projects, parts, and products.

Sandblasting Room Dimensions

  • 20’ Wide x 50’ Long x 18’ Tall
  • 12’ Wide x 16’ Tall doors on both ends of the building


  • 6 Cubic Foot Storage Hopper and Blast Machine
  • Bucket Elevator Mechanical Reclaim System
  • 18,000 CFM Dust Collector
  • 50hp Rotary Screw Compressor
  • 250 CFM Air-Dryer

Blasting Media

  • Primarily we use 60 Grit Brown Aluminum Oxide
  • Please contact us about any special blasting media requests
Call us today about your metal working project. We have the tools, the know-how, and the certified staff to make it happen.